Mødrehjælpens rådgivning

Mødrehjælpen's Vacation Grant

Again this year, Mødrehjælpen in Denmark ensures aid for families with children who are in a difficult economic and social situation. The aid consists of a financial grant to ensure children good experiences during their summer holidays.

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Families in Denmark with children under the age of 18 can apply. In order to apply, you must have child/children living at home or a permanent visitation agreement. Furthermore, a Danish residence permit is needed for us to consider the application. The aid depends on our assessment of your financial and social situation, as well as the outcome of our fundraising campaign.

The grant is DKK 350 per child and will be transferred to your bank account if the application is approved. The limit per applicant is three children, equivalent to DKK 1,050.

We must have your application no later than Tuesday 7 June 2022 at 10:00.

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