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About is provided by Mødrehjælpen to help women who are keeping their pregnancies secret. 

Mødrehjælpen is a social humanitarian organisation that has provided social and health support to pregnant women in vulnerable situations for more than 100 years.  

Our professional counsellors have extensive experience in helping pregnant women find their way – this applies to women with doubts about abortion, women without networks and support, women in violent relationships and women who need help to find their way in the system. 

This knowledge and experience will now help ensure that women who hide their pregnancies receive safe and secure help. is funded by the Ministry of Health

The funds for the project have been granted as part of the Ministry of Health’s agreement on the special fund for the social area in 2019–2022, where Mødrehjælpen was tasked with creating a prevention and information effort aimed at pregnant women in particularly vulnerable situations.  

The website has been developed based on the recommendations in Vive’s report on the extent of hidden pregnancies in Denmark.

Leaders in the field have provided input and quality-assured content

The content on has been created through dialogue with the Danish Health Authority and is based on input from a number of key people when it comes to pregnant women in vulnerable situations. These people are in daily contact with the many different women who are part of the group that is aimed at.  

For input, discussions and quality assurance of the content, a big thank you goes to: 

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