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These are your options if you are pregnant and do not have a yellow medical card

Read about your options during pregnancy, labour and after birth, if you are in Denmark without a yellow medical card.

In Denmark, you have different options and rights as a pregnant woman, depending on your residence status. Understanding the different rules and guidelines and finding out where to get help can be both overwhelming and confusing.  

On this page, we have compiled the most important things you need to know about where you can get help without holding the yellow medical card. 

Help is available at health clinics

If you need help to determine your pregnancy with certainty, examinations during pregnancy or an abortion, you can seek healthcare assistance in other places than hospitals where, unless your enquiry is urgent, you may be charged a fee. 

 You can contact these health clinics:

  • The Health Clinics for Undocumented Migrants in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen 
  • Reden International's Health Clinic in Copenhagen  
  • Ami Ami’s Drop-in Centre and Health Clinic in Fredericia

You can get emergency help from the public health service 

As a rule, you can get emergency healthcare from the public healthcare system in Denmark – even without a yellow medical card. So, if you are experiencing emergency complications with your pregnancy, you can safely contact a hospital or a general practitioner. This could be if you suddenly begin to bleed a lot, are in great pain or go into labour before your due date. In such cases, it is important that you quickly seek out the maternity ward closest to you. You should also stay alert if you are suffering from a chronic illness and suddenly experience a worsening of your condition. 

You can get confidential help – even in hospitals

Health workers in Denmark have an extended duty of confidentiality. This means that your medical information and other private information cannot be disclosed to other authorities without your consent, unless the information is necessary for further treatment. 

Healthcare professionals cannot disclose information to the police or immigration authorities, except in cases concerning serious criminal offenses. 

Confused about your options?

If you still have questions now that you have read the information, you are always welcome to contact us. We can help you with information and support in relation to your options whether you are thinking about abortion or if you want to go ahead the pregnancy.  

You can either call or chat with us and counselling can take place in both Danish and English.  

Contact us right here.  

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