About Mødrehjælpen

Mødrehjælpen is a social-humanitarian organisation who offer support and counselling to pregnant women as well as families in vulnerable positions.

In Mødrehjælpen we experience every day that families in vulnerable positions need an extra hand to participate in society on equal terms with other families. There is a massive inequality in health, opportunities, and quality of life amongst the Danish children; many families split up and the number of divorce-related conflicts is high and is increasing continuously.

We address and support the needs of pregnant women and families in vulnerable positions

In Mødrehjælpen we offer professional counselling which revolves around important issues such as divorce, contact/visitation, abuse, children’s well-being, and abortion. We also have a great number of volunteers in our many local Mødrehjælpen-associations, who provide a valuable effort to families all over Denmark. In addition, we have a clear and influential voice in Danish policymaking as well as in the political debate in the media. Furthermore, we ensure that Mødrehjælpen’s help and support has a wide reach through our partnerships and collaborations with the municipalities, local authorities, corporations and associations.

Mødrehjælpen’s purposes:

  • Providing social, financial, educational, and health-related support to pregnant women and families to ensure their children experience a better upbringing, livelihood and living conditions.
  • Working towards a greater public and political understanding of the living conditions and quality of life of pregnant women and families.
  • Working towards legislation which ensures a greater degree of social, educational and health related support for these groups.

We help and support children by offering help and support to their parents

Mødrehjælpen always works towards improving the conditions of a child’s upbringing. This we ensure by empowering the parents by supporting them and strengthening their ability to provide their children with love, safety and security. This support is partially offered through our national counselling service Holdepunkt, but also through network strengthening and social activities in our local associations around the country. We also offer support through our specialised projects to young parents as well as mothers and children who have fallen victim to assault.

Unbiased and independent

Our support and help are neither dependent on public authorities nor financial or political interests. Mødrehjælpen’s professional counselling is financed through contributions from private and public foundations, from private persons as well as through selling preloved children’s clothes and toys in our charity shops, which are run by Mødrehjælpen’s volunteers all over the country.

Mødrehjælpen’s protector

H.R.H. Crown princess Mary is Mødrehjælpen’s protector, thus supporting Mødrehjælpen’s work in offering help, support and advice to lone parents, young pregnant women, and families in vulnerable positions.