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Carrying a secret? 

Is your pregnancy filled with fear, nervousness and anxiety because there is someone who cannot find out? Read here about what you can do.

For many, pregnancy is good news, that they can’t wait to tell family and friends. But not everyone feels that way.   

Some pregnant women face serious consequences if the family, a partner or the authorities find out.   

If you are one of those women who are hiding their pregnancy then you are in a very difficult situation right now. No pregnant woman should be alone with such a large burden. That is why we have created   

We can help you is a service from Mødrehjælpen, and you can on all weekdays contact our nationwide counselling service via chat or phone. Read more about that option right here.

When you contact us, you will be connected to a social worker with great insight into pregnant women’s rights and options, and you can safely talk to her/him about the difficult emotions and dilemmas that you are struggling with right now. The offer is free and we offer counselling in English. – your guidance to a secure birth  

Here you will find guidance on where you can get confidential and anonymous help and support for the situation you are in right now.   

You can get help here

Click on the region where you are, and see where you can get support and guidance or emergency help.
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